Welcome to the Navin laboratory at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.  We are a cancer genomics and computational biology research lab located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.

Our lab has pioneered the development of
single cell sequencing technologies to study cancer.  We apply these tools to understand complex biological processes in human cancers including transformation, clonal evolution, invasion, metastasis and chemoresistance.  Our lab is also actively developing novel computational and statistical methods for analyzing single cell sequencing data.  Much of our research focuses on breast cancer, but we are also working on many other human cancer types.  At MD Anderson we have the unique opportunity to translate our single cell sequencing methods into the clinic to make an impact on reducing morbidity in patients.

Single Cell Sequencing

Cancer Genomics

Genome Evolution

Tumor Heterogeneity


Congrats to Charissa Kim on receiving the TL-1 fellowship for MD/Ph.D. students

Congratulations to Marco Leung on receiving the American Auxillary Legion Fellowship

Our paper on ‘Clonal Evolution in Breast Cancer Revealed by Single Nucleus Genome Sequencing’ by Wang et al. 2014 has been accepted at Nature as a research Article.  Congratulations to everyone involved in this study, especially Tony, Marco and Jill

Congratulations to Anna Unruh on receiving the Rosalie B. Hite Fellowship

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