Welcome to the Navin laboratory at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.  We are a cancer genomics and computational biology research lab located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.

Our laboratory has pioneered the development of
single cell sequencing technologies.  We apply these tools to study complex biological processes that occur in human cancers including transformation, clonal evolution, invasion, metastasis and chemoresistance evolution.  These processes have previously been difficult to study with genomic technologies using bulk tissues.

Our group is also actively developing novel computational and statistical methods for analyzing large-scale single cell sequencing datasets for variant detection.  Our primary focus is on breast cancer patients, however we are also involved in collaborations in colon cancer, prostate cancer and AML.  At MD Anderson we are uniquely positioned to translate our single cell sequencing methods into the clinic, where we expect that they will have major applications in early detection, non-invasive monitoring, diagnostics monitoring and guiding targeted therapy. Through these clinical application we anticipate that our work will have a major impact on reducing morbidity and improving the quality of life for cancer patients. 

Single Cell Sequencing

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Tumor Heterogeneity

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